Wk 3: Sound Selection

My idea is to develop a device that helps communication through augmented hearing. This device could be ear buds, headphones, or an implant. Noise canceling headphones are real today and useful at times but having the power to decide what you want to hear without the background noise would be more practical. We know people with autism can cause audible overstimulation in a noisy crowd. What if a parent or guardian could verbally direct them through that crowd without the overstimulation. Give teachers and parents a tool to help children with ADHD and SPD. Going further, what if this device could include therapy.  Have options to integrate binaural beats into daily life so anxiety isn’t as much of a crutch.

Half way through writing this I did more research about augmented hearing and found IQBuds. They are earphones that are “designed to block out different levels of background noise while still letting you hear people talk.” Even though they have issues with the noise cancelation it’s exciting that this technology is already available. I would like to dive deeper and focus on children development, daily communication, overstimulation, and addressing the issues behind the technology if it existed. I’ve listed a few points to summarize what I want to accomplish through a device:

  • Enhance learning environments
  • Help children with learning disabilities
  • Integrate binaural beats
  • Help issues with overstimulation
  • Frequency for under stimulation or calming stimulation
  • Explore the best way to to accomplish this (headphones, earphones, implants)
  • The ethics behind this technology (thinking of black mirror s4e2)


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